about us

airtime360 is a specialist provider of technology and development solutions to start-up companies.

We focus on this area of the industry because it matches our internal culture and profile: dynamic and fast-moving. We thrive on the challenges developing the technology for a start-up presents, including:

  • making sure we are on the cutting-edge of development techniques while providing a solid and stable platform
  • understanding the business model of our clients, so that we can give the best advice about how to manage a website
  • understanding the mindset of the users, so that we can present the best user-experience possible
We also love to be involved in new business - where the energy and the passion is. All this, plus, we seek the motivation only a share in a new business can provide.

We are based at Lemon Studios in Clerkenwell, London. This is the heart of the new media and startup industry in the UK, and we benefit from the contacts and central location we gain from being here.

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