venture capital / angels

airtime360 can provide quick and efficient services to VC's and Angels. You may wish to develop a prototype for a possible investment idea, or you may wish to enagage an experienced company to work with your start-up to ensure the success of the project.

We have over 18 years of experience in web development - we know what we are doing. Particularly in the small-business arena, where a key part of the success of the project is making sure that the development partner fully understands the business, and can engage with senior staff to ensure that the business requirements are translated into functionality as seamlessley as possible.

If your development partner is also as motivated as the management team, the better for the chances of business success. You can engage our services paid for either fully through an equity stake, or part-equity and part-cash. airtime360 are completely open to any remuneration model you care to suggest.

The key reason we are flexible is that we recognise the importance of being tied-in to a business through an equity share. Sharing in the business improves motivation and performance - and in the long run, hopefully in reward too. We offer flexible terms for all these reasons.

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