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Lintstock, a London-based corporate governance consultancy approached us to help build this concept. The website is aimed at the top end of the corporate sector, and delivers a product that allows FTSE 100 boards to assess the likely voting pattern of their investors on resolutions at AGMs. This is enourmousely helpful to them in terms of determining whether a potential proposal to shareholders is even worth making or not.

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We worked with Lintstock from the beginning to create a prototype site, and then to build that prototype into the fully working final system. Key to the success of the project was an understanding of the business processes used by Lintstock in populating the site, in order to give both them the best tools to manage the site, and to give the customers the best user experience. The site uses comprehensive client-side functionality to present a very rich, functional system in the simplest way to clients.

Post launch, the product was developed into a version for sale in the US, which was then sold under licence by a US consultancy.